How I Used My Vacation Time to Maximize Personal Growth

For the first time, I returned to work fully energized, highly motivated, and completely relaxed.

My bad habits

I must confess that I used to be a lousy vacationer. You would have typically found me near the pool or on the beach, with swimshort, sunglasses, and sunscreen, scrolling social media on my phone, and responding to work messages. And sometimes, I would even dial into that one (or two, or three) crucial conference call or quickly catch up with the team to ensure they are okay.

Before bed, I’d check my phone to see if the team resolved the problems. When waking up, before breakfast, I’d check if anything else needed my attention.

“The net result of it all was that I was doing everything halfway. I was not really on vacation, and I was not really at work.

The impact on my health and well-being was even bigger. By not disconnecting from the business, I continued to be part of the daily work routines, ongoing decision-making, and problem-solving. I’d experience the same or even higher busyness and stress, albeit in a tropical environment with swim shorts on.

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